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Message From The Principal

Welcome to GVM

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We feel proud that GVM has name and fame as an institution based on the demand of peripheral Nepalese society.
I would like to thank all the constituent parts of GVM for their mentionable co-operation to promote this institution as a successful producer of disciplined, positive-minded and competent students.
Truely speaking, this is the age to launch the activities for better output by using wisdom and technique. GVM has a strong argument that logical counselling based on individually different psychology can ensure the behavioural modification of a child and we are running accordingly. Output of modern technology is being integrated in teaching-learning activities for easy learning and better concept.
In our institution continuous efforts are made to make the students eagerous toward study by the process of balanced control, selfsteem and motivation.
Extracurricular activities have been incorporated in teaching-learning activities on the basis of feasibility and rationality for physical, mental and social development of the studetns.
At last, appropriate availability of physical facilities and teaching aids, affordable fee rate (cost), feeling of accountability towards the society and reasonable fussion of professionalism and social service are the established culture of G.V.M.